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10.23.13 - updated website. Kind of.

10.16.06 - We're all ok! Thanks everyone for their well-wishes!

07.22.06 - Lisa's trying to revamp the entire site. Be warned. Other news: Lisa has accepted Jon's proposal. They will be wed November '06.

09.18.05 - Lisa updated her resume. (Sorry all, not much has been going on at the Fishbowl. Jon spent the summer finishing his degree and Lisa has been stressing out with a new job. But the dust is starting to settle. Finally. Check out flikr for the latest photos of life here on the rock we live on.)

03.02.05 - Improvisations has been released!!!! 

12.19.04 - Jon made me reorganize everything.

11.24.04 - Updated Discography

11.02.04 - Location Recordings: O'ahu has been released!!!!!

09.27.04 - Added pictures for Flight 730, added pictures of Jon.

09.19.04 - Added pictures forEarth. life





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